Quickstart with 5Greplay


Docker images of 5Greplay are available here A new image is created and pushed automatically when having a new release.

You need to install Docker firstly: get-docker

Then you can run 5Greplay:

docker run --rm -it ghcr.io/montimage/5greplay

In the docker image, there are some sample pcap files inside pcap/ folder.

For example, to replay packets inside pcap/sa.pcap and each packet is copied 2000 times, to an AMF that is listening at using SCTP protocol, run:

docker run --rm -it ghcr.io/montimage/5greplay replay -t pcap/sa.pcap -Xforward.target-ports=38412 -Xforward.target-hosts= -Xforward.nb-copies=2000 -Xforward.default=FORWARD


Please refer to ../../tutorial/replay-open5gs